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The Daily Punctilio

Daily News in the ASoUE Fandom

The Daily Punctilio—Daily News in the ASoUE fandom
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...to LiveJournal's [slightly more accurate] equivalent of The Daily Punctilio, a fandom newsletter for all things related to A Series of Unfortunate Events. News collected from LJ and other sites on the internet is posted daily by the editors, so you can keep up on the going-on of a rapidly developing fandom.

punctilio_print is a community tailored to fit the needs of all members of the A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASoUE) fandom. ASoUE is a young fandom, relatively speaking, but since the release of the first film it's been exploding and may soon rival the older, established fandoms. In yeoman's terms, this means a LOT will be happening, and there will be a LOT to keep up with. How are we supposed to do so?

This daily newletter is designed to solve all of those problems. Links will be posted to entries, websites, discussions, etc that mention any happening in our fandom, and the links will be categorized for quick and easy access.

Meet the management

You're editors here at the punctilio_print are emcharlotte, noticeably, keristars, winterswitchery, xsaebre, bananamilk, and dongsparty. We here at the punctilio_print feel that there is no point in skipping a day, which is why our seven editors will update once a day, everyday.

Joining vs. Friending
This community has open membership, but posting access is restricted. Please do not request it, since only the editors will be able to post. Once a day, easy to understand news is posted—nothing more. Join, add punctilio_print to your friends list, and announcements will immediately be delivered to your virtual doorstep. If you want to friend the community instead of join it, that's fine with us as well, but please don't join and not friend it. That's just silly.

Submit and help out!
If you have ASoUE news to report, e-mail the Punctilio! I know we're superhuman, but even we can't be everywhere at once. Is there a fic that you really loved? A just released picture you're dying to share? A new community that you just have to pimp? Send the news right to us, and we'll make sure it's heard 'round the world. When submitting, no information other than the news you want shared needs to be given. No one, not even us, will know who's pimping what—so consider this an opportunity to give some of your quieter works of genius a moment in the spotlight. We give new meaning to the phrase "tactful pimping".

We post everything relevent to ASoUE that we find. This community WILL rec icons, fanfiction, layouts, graphics, essays, etc, and if we don't mention yours it's not an intentional slight. Please do not complain/whine/flame if you don't see your stuff posted on here. Instead, e-mail us and let us know you've contributed something to the fandom. We're not here to crush anyone's dreams, so please don't take offense. Instead, do something constructive to get noticed. Thank you.

Also, we do not endorse or support any of the essays, websites, fanfiction, graphics, etc. that we post about in this community. punctilio_print is designed to categorize all posts made regarding ASoUE, but we do not support any individual fandomers.

In turn, we are not supported by Nickelodeon, Daniel Handler, Harper Collins, or others. We are not officially recognized, intend no copyright infringement, and are making absolutely no money from this endeavor. We may or may not be members of VFD, but if you'd like to tattoo your ankles we have several parlors to recommend.

Finally, the idea for a fandom newsletter started with the HP fandoms quickquote. You should check them out, because they do an awesome job.

Thank you, and enjoy. The World is Quiet Here.