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Date:2005-08-23 22:16
Subject:The Not-So-Daily Punctilio, Tuesday, August 23

Art Class

snowflakie06 has five unfortunate icons to share with the kids at soue_icons
mokie_icons brought in eight unfortunate icons to snicket_icons for show and tell.
dancingsprite left seven unfortunate icons on the teacher's desk.
potthead is late for class but manages to finish their homework of one Liam Aiken icon.
vilijntje has enough icons for the rest of the class!
imperativa excells in art class, showing everyone at good_asoueicons thirteen new icons.
evilsushi, who manages to confuse this half-asleep Donut by using about three different names, posts 70 ASOUE icons to soue_icons

Creative Writing
emcue is wearing her brand new fanfic to class. It is NC-17, Violet/Klaus, and posted to violetklaus.
cassandraven has a new fanfic that, frankly, Donut is too burnt out to write something school-themed about. It was posted to violetklaus and is G-rated.


princessleah162 has to write a quote from the film on the chalkboard twenty times.
merlin_emrys and leikela4 are sharing their answers to Mister Snicket's ingenious test with the rest of the class here and here.
xwritteninmonox is looking for ASOUE layouts over at lemonysnicket

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Date:2005-08-20 23:24
Subject:The Semi-Daily Punctilio; Friday, August 20th, 2005
Mood: bored

asoue_chorus has posted a new challenge.
katetherobot is looking for the song that Billy Connolly/Uncle Monty sings to the Baudelaires with the autoharp.
xwritteninmonox wants to know where to find ASOUE layouts.

_good_night_ posted 15 icons.
ashleyr388 posted 13 icons.
vilijntje posted 20 icons.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them to us at dailypunctilio@gmail.com!

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Date:2005-08-19 22:56
Subject:The Punctilio Print! Friday, August 19

Feel like you've been missing out on your ASOUE fixes lately? Well, it appears that the punctilio_print editors have been on summer vacation. Here's a long list of links from the past month or so, unsorted because omg i'm such a slacker, not including those included in past editions. Also, I know that I've been a sucky editor, and I apologise. I've been very busy planning for a year-long trip abroad.

Know where to find ASOUE layouts?
Some icons. Multifandom. 13 ASOUE. By ashleyr388
More icons. All 20 ASOUE. By vilijntje
You know the Sebald code? Yeah, that Sebald guy was a REAL PERSON. Discovery made by merlin_emrys
Questions and answers for Aug 18's TNN quiz. Go look if you got stuck!
Check out this post for TNN quiz help, too.
You know the picture of Lemony Snicket in the back of the books? That's Daniel Handler, his agent. leikela4 asked about it.
If you haven't seen it yet, there's a second ASOUE t-shirt available at Hot Topic. sgmystikspiral posts photos and links for both.
Click here if you want to read an NC-17 (that is: extremely graphic) Violet/Klaus story entitré 'The Unfortunate Urge.' Written by emcue
Looking for ASOUE on downoadable audio books? So's lightupmyroom
Liam Aiken was at the Lilo & Stitch 2 DVD premier. Photos posted by simply_strange
If you haven't heard already, Emily Browning has had a new photoshoot done. angelofmusicx08 posted a teaser and pointed to emily-browning.com for more.
Know where there are any ASOUE music videos? angelofmusicx08 might still be interested (ps: there's one at unreliablenar8r.net by ladyheartilly!)
If you still haven't found the answer for Aug 5's TNN clue, look here. Provided by firefly319
You can already preorder 2 different versions of #12. Anyone know why there are two? keristars is dying to find out.
How about some crazy!Klaus not!dead!Baud-parents fic? It's PG-13ish and called "Think Twice." And it's by thund3r
If possible Baud-cest isn't your thing, how about a G-rated fic entitled "An Extremely Lucky Man" about Beatrice? Written by phoebonica
Ever read a book just because it was referenced in ASOUE? keristars has, and she's trying to make a list of such books and stories.

Don't forget to keep visiting TheNamelessNovel.com - the first mystery provided a page from the new book and the second one is revealing an illustration.
Also, send any fanstuff to submissions@unreliablenar8r.net for inclusion in the archive.
And also, anything you want to appear on the Punctilio Print, send it to dailypunctilio@gmail.com.

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Date:2005-07-22 20:29
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Friday, July 22

question: in a month, I'll be fixing to leave for Europe for a year. does anyone know if #12 comes out on 18 Oct in England as well? (I figure I'll order it from there, or else look for a French copy in Louvain-la-Neuve).

10 icons by _amoreincauto for the icons100 challenge
5 Emily icons by encantadora_x
A pencil drawing of the Baudelaires by neggie in a really cool if weird style

angelofmusicx08 is the new maintainer for asoue_chorus and she's got a new challenge up

The ASOUE archive still exists.

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Date:2005-07-19 22:05
Subject:The Daily Punctilio, Tuesday July 19th
Mood: melancholy

Distress Signals

lizziemustdie asks for fanfic inspiration at violetklaus

Secret Messages

dongsparty informs all volunteers of a possible new tool for use in Various Finery Disguises

dongsparty inquires about The Nameless Novel's site (and forgets to reply to comments! Dur.)

_dpobby_gurl_ posts some information about Emily Browning's new film over at __emilybrowning

File Photos

acutes informs all of the lastest icontest's winners at asoue_stillness

dongsparty posts some art over at asoueart

tirwen_star03 hands out Challenge 16's banners over at asoue_stillness

lvlwing posts Some ASOUE icons at snicket_icons and soue_icons

lightupmyroom posts Six icons over at _lemonysnicket and danielhandler

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Date:2005-07-12 23:32
Subject:The Daily Punctilio, Tuesday July 12th

An activity.Collapse )
News (or not)

The Nameless Novel's date for release of information has apparently been pushed back to a currently undetermined date.


phoenixdragon06 linked to icons she made, fourteen of which are somewhat unfortunate, pretty much everywhere.

essence_09 has posted 5 ASOUE-related icons and one ASOUE-type banner to soue_icons

look_sideways linked to four ASOUE-type icons at snicket_icons and soue_icons

descension has linked to five ASOUE-type icons in soue_icons

master_japange has posted two icons to sunny_fans

Other Important Things

phoebonica has posted a very helpful guide to irritating Olaf at unluckyones. This editor highly suggests treating Olaf this way if you ever come in contact with him.

acutes has announced voting time over at asoue_stillness

As ever, The Archive needs your help.

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Date:2005-07-09 23:25
Subject:The (not so) Daily Punctilio - Saturday, July 9th, 2005
Mood: content

- Snicket #20 on Amazon's list of Top Sellers
- The current issue of Nickelodeon Magazine has an article about TheNamelessNovel.com.

mokie_icons made 13 icons.
nikka32 made 6 icons.

Anonymous tips can be sent to dailypunctilio@gmail.com!

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Date:2005-07-05 23:09
Subject:The Hopefully-More-Daily-Than-Usual Punctilio, Tuesday July 5th

First, an activity.Collapse )

ladyclayton 9 14 6 15 18 13 5 4 20 8 5 13 5 13 2 5 18 19 15 6 dressup_asoue 15 6 22 5 18 23 6 9 14 5 19 8 15 5 19.

capnhowdie 1 19 11 19 20 8 5 13 5 13 2 5 18 19 15 6 _lemonysnicket 1 2 15 21 20 20 8 5 15 18 16 8 1 14 19 ' 4 9 19 7 21 9 19 5 19.

cake_horse 16 15 14 4 5 18 19 10 19 1 20 _lemonysnicket

undercoveregg 8 1 19 16 15 19 20 5 4 24 1 19 15 21 5 9 3 15 14 19 1 20 good_asoueicons

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Date:2005-07-05 01:22
Subject:Not-So-Daily Punctilio, Monday July 4

foreverquatre cross-posted everywhere with information about ASOUE Film #2
lady_heartilly noted that The Nameless Novel site has given us a date for when it'll be live
_dobby_gurl_ was visiting Emily Browning's site and found information about another film that Emily may be in

phoenixdragon06 also cross-posted everywhere with a link to her journal with a lot of blue 'last moments' icons, one of which is ASOUE
thund3r made 8 videos, presumably Violet/Klaus themed, and gave us a list of links for them all
taffycatxd played with blends and these banners and icons are the result
alazysod wasn't very lazy when making 16 icons. Take a look at them here, they're all ASOUE movie

Unsolved Mysteries
rubus_phoenic is looking for a mood set. Preferably Emily Browning, but Violet Baudelaire will do.
Would you like to run asoue_chorus. Snidgety asks here and provides an email address.
As usual, any fanart or fanfiction or fanvideos are welcomed at the ASOUE FanWorks Archive. Check out the link for more information.

Reporters rely on dailypunctilio@gmail.com for anonymous tips. Don't hesitate to send yours in!

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Date:2005-07-01 23:39
Subject:Not-So-Daily Punctilio, Friday July 1

From undeniablyme0_o -> 13 unique icons
From _amoreincauto -> 18 "Gold and Silver" themed ASOUE icons, plus other fandoms
From _sophonax_ -> 7 gold-toned icons
From _iftruthbetold -> 8 Emily Browning icons, plus other fandoms
From astrologic -> 10 icons, variations of a theme
From phoenixdragon06 -> 4 more variations on a theme Sunny icons, plus other fandoms
From asoue_stillness -> winners of challenge 15 and the still for challenge 16

From elvinprincess5 -> manipulations of the V/K sort
From lightupmyroom -> questions and suspicions about a certain well-known tattoo
From currybabe -> a Sunny-centric fanfic
Also from lightupmyroom -> claims on Esmé, Esmé's dress, and Quigley/Violet have been made
From irisamelia -> please remember that only ASOUE-related posts belong in unluckyones
From lightupmyroom again -> anyone know about ASOUE midnight parties?
From _dobby_gurl_ -> information on Emily Browning's new film project
From hellb -> as crossposted everywhere, do_me_olaf is open for all Count Olaf fans

From punctilio_print -> all tips and tricks can be sent w/ SASE c/o The Editors to dailypunctilio@gmail.com

From keristars -> fanfiction and fanart submissions are always welcomed at the ASOUE fan archive

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Date:2005-06-25 20:04
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Saturday, June 25, 2005

Voting is open at asoue_stillness.
The ASOUE archive is always looking for new submissions.

kiwi28 made 8 icons
wishpaper made 7 icons
louloucn made a Violet/Klaus video

lightupmyroom is looking for desktop wallpapers from the books.

E-mail tips to dailypunctilio@gmail.com!

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Date:2005-06-24 22:07
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Friday, June 24

Do you want to start a Liam Aiken Daily Myspace group? nelson_out does. Read the post and look at a picture of Liam Aiken here, in liamaiken_daily.

There are always icons available for the iconless. la_reveur contributes 7 to the pot.

Brought to you by dailypunctilio@gmail.com and the ASOUE archive.

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Date:2005-06-21 23:59
Subject:The Daily Punctilio, Tuesday June 21st

File Photos
xizzles_13 posts a picture of Liam Aiken in liamaiken_daily, which, if one were to listen to the general commentary, would be deemed "hot". Not having the luxury of a temperature-changing monitor, I would not know.

devon_lovr made "so many graphics" and shared them with the kids at __emilybrowning

Conspiracy Theories
undeniablyme0_o has theories and questions about the spyglass mystery, presented to the people of asoue_movie, asoue_fanfics and _asoue in a somewhat less-coded manner than some people would wish these matters to be discussed.

As per usual, if you know something we do not, it would be wise to alert the fine people at The Daily Punctilio. They can be reached at dailypunctilio@gmail.com.
Additional research and speculation should be submitted to The Archive.

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Date:2005-06-21 02:10
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Monday, June 20

Lost & Found
chika216 is trying to find the text of Uncle Monty's speech.
_kokopelli_ has discovered the guy who did the art on the credits crawl of the movie.
supermonkey6890 has information on Liam Aiken's new project.

Pictoral Evidence
tenpaces has 5 Emily Browning icons
thund3r recently joined momentomoricons and posts all 63 ASOUE-related icons there (must be a member to view)
_good_night_ posts 11 Emily Browning icons
louloucn posts 14 Veronica Mars and 20 ASOUE icons
dorkyskittles has icons, too - 8 of them
starkwordz made 9 movie icons
At asoue_stillness, view last week's winners and this week's challenge.

cassandraraven wrote a PG-13 piece entitled Sometimes, which contains mild Klaus/Violet incest (editor's note: that's cassandraraven's notes. it's more hypothetical incest than anything concrete; if you're really squicked by incest, you might not see it in this fic)
dorkyskittles finds links between Vice Principal Nero and a certain other Nero

Begging for Handouts
Got information? Send it via SASE to dailypunctilio@gmail.com c/o The Editors.
Have solid evidence? Pictures and affadavits go to the ASOUE archive.

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Date:2005-06-15 21:17
Subject:The Daily Punctilio, Wednesday June 15th

- oninekotonya is selling an ASOUE movie poster. Contact her if interested. {Crossposted in many communities}
- devon_lovr needs the link for the Emily Browning forum that goes with Emily-browning.org. She has also posted two Emily banners.
- oddduck58 wants to know if Violet's necklace in the movie is the locket with silhouettes?

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Date:2005-06-14 21:39
Subject:The Dailt Punctilio, Tuesday June 14th
Mood: sore

Questions, observations, and death threats.

lightupmyroom notices that each book has thirteen chapters.
degrassi_punka wishes to know where the art style of the film's ending credits originated.
littleaznmouse notices and provides a picture of the photograph on Mister Snicket's desk.


sightsee shares icons with sunny_fans and asoue_movie. sightsee
happeh_hobbit has two sets of icons, which she has shared with the members of __emilybrowning and soue_icons

Challenge-y things
Challenge 13's banners have been posted o'er at asoue_stillness.
There is a new CHALLENGE!!!! over at asoue_stillness
_dobby_girl_ has won the internet the header contest over at __emilybrowning

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Date:2005-06-11 23:22
Subject:The Daily Punctilio - Saturday, June 11, 2005

Voting at __emilybrowning for their new header is now open.

crazycritter44 made 2 Emily icons

ASOUE Fanfic Archive is still accepting submissions.

As always, send tips to to dailypunctilio@gmail.com!

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Date:2005-06-11 01:03
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Friday, June 10

dreamerneva made 8 icons in a similar style, of Sunny, Olaf, Josephine, Monty, Klaus, the kids, and 2 of Violet herself
rainy__day did a multi-fandom icon post. There are 4 ASOUE ones in there. Those four were also posted in soue_icons if you only want ASOUE.

There's been a lot of new members in liam_aiken proclaiming their love for the teenage star. Also, ender_this is looking for someone to play Klaus in an RPG on GreatestJournal.

As always, anonymous tips, nonymous warnings, and brownies can be sent to dailypunctilio@gmail.com.

Also, there's gonna be a relatively large update to the ASOUE Fanfic Archive tomorrow, so send me some art or fic if you want to be included.

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Date:2005-06-07 00:27
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Monday, June 7

disconnected_i has 14 movie icons
thund3r has 5 Liam Aiken, 3 Emily Browning, and 6 movie icons
tenpaces has 5 Emily Browning icons
alapsuscalami has multi-fandom icons 2 of which are ASOUE
merlin_emrys made 9 movie icons
kiwi28 also haas multi-fandom icons 2 being ASOUE
hopes_an_dreams has 4 icons

gruyere found a review by Daniel Handler in this week's New York Times Book Review. Also, DH and Helquist are featured in an anthology. More information can be found here.
hellb wonders if anyone is interested in a Count Olaf community. (crossposted several times)
fantom_denis can do prosthetics. Once upon a time, he made a Count Olaf costume. See it here!
phoebonica wrote 2 birthday fics. Go here for links. Both are PG/PG-13 and one is non-incestuous Kit and Lemony Snicket! (my gift!fic, and if I do say so, they're both fantastic)

Anonymous tips and warnings can be sent to dailypunctilio@gmail.com

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Date:2005-06-04 21:08
Subject:Daily Punctilio for Saturday, June 4

nikka32 made 3 icons
ringboundtide made 2 icons
tenpaces made 3 icons

The ASOUE Archive is still open for submissions of both art and fiction.

Tips, links, and clues should be directed to dailypunctilio@gmail.com!

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